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Auto Creation Mozaic Feature Will Increase Your Productivity

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Auto Creation Mozaic Feature Will Increase Your Productivity


Are you a beloved person and have lots of followers and friends which made you hard to anticipate how many photos will be added to your mozaic? From now on, MozaicMe allows you to create another copy of the same mozaic automatically so that everyone can add his/her picture to your mozaic. Check the mosaics above.

Auto mozaic creation is a new feature which lets you create a new mozaic by replicating a new one in advance. It helps you not to waste time waiting for the previous mozaic to get filled. ?If you anticipated that the mozaic will be quickly filled up, this feature can be really helpful. ?It can be scheduled earlier through the process of creating the mozaic, you can simply click on the description icon then slide the button next to ?Auto Duplicate Mozaic?.

By the time this feature is selected, a new mozaic will be automatically created after the final photo is being added to the previous mozaic. Therefore, MozaicMe users have this feature to help them manage their mosaics order and stay connected with their friends and followers if any mozaic got completely full in a sudden. You can visit Real Madrid page to check this feature.


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