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The Guide to Controlling Digital Cameras with Your Phone


The Guide to Controlling Digital Cameras with Your Phone


The extremely cool thing about a ton of present-day cameras is that a lot of them have wi-fi incorporated within the camera. What’s more, when you have wi-fi in your camera, you can install an application on your phone from the camera producer, and you can utilize that application to communicate with the camera. That opens up a ton of extremely fascinating potential outcomes for associating with the camera.


Exchanging Photos

One of those is that you can exchange photographs right from the camera to your phone or tablet, and that is quite valuable, in case you’re out in the midst of a holiday or someplace and you’ve taken some cool shots, and you need to post them up on Facebook, Instagram or MozaicMe, and you would prefer not to hold up till you get back home or back to the hotel or something, you can simply exchange them on the spot to your phone.


Controlling the Camera

The other cool thing you can do is that you can control the camera, you can utilize the phone as a remote control, and the phone will really observe what the camera lens is seeing, give you a live view, you can alter the aperture, the exposure, the shutter speed, and many other aspects of that shot.


How To Do It?

So you might be wondering about how you can utilize an application on your phone to control your digital camera. So what you do is turn on the camera, tap the wi-fi button on the screen or in the settings to open the wi-fi controls. The camera will show you a little QR code, next what you need to do is go into the camera application, and tap the wi-fi button there.

You’ll usually find a basic setup option, and what this does is it gives you a chance to scan the QR code on the camera screen, so you’ll need to do that, simply by bringing the camera up and scanning the code using your mobile phone camera. The camera will show you the wi-fi profile you will utilize then you will introduce the profile, in most cases re-enter your password and the profile will be installed on your phone. Once it’s done installing, you will have to go to your wi-fi settings on your phone and choose the camera as the wi-fi network, and voila, your good to go.


Importing Photos

Once you’ve connected your camera to your phone, you can now go back into your camera application, and simply tap on the button that allows you to view and import photos. Once you’ve selected a picture, you can now simply tap on the button to save it and export it to camera roll.

Clearly, you can take in numerous photographs on the off chance that you needed to. This can be extremely valuable if you’re out on the town and you’re taking pictures with your digital camera and you needed to check how they would look like on your phone or share them on different social media platforms without worrying about returning home and downloading them to your PC.


Wi-Fi Camera Control

So next we need to go into the remote control capacities for the digital cameras. So once you have your digital camera set up on a tripod or wherever you want to take your shot, you can head to your phone application and start controlling the camera from there.

The camera phone application will present you with the fundamental live view on your phone. You wouldn’t have to reconnect to the camera’s wi-fi, once you do the scanning of the QR code, you wouldn’t need to do it again, so you simply just need to turn on the camera’s wi-fi, and the phone remembers it as an installed device.

There are many options that you can change in your photo settings from within the app like the exposure compensation for example if the photo is too bright so you might want to cut it down or vice versa. Once you’ve altered the settings, you’re satisfied with the photo and it’s looking quite great, you can go ahead and take the shot, also from within from the app by clicking on the capture button. You can also take a couple of alterations to have multiple options to choose from.


Why Remote Control?

So it’s extremely cool having the capacity to control the camera along these lines, and you may ask yourself, for what reason would you do that, because you’re standing in that spot right next to the camera, why not just simply modify the camera there? Well perhaps you’re set up in a place where being near the camera will exasperate the subject. For example, if you’re taking a shot of birds or animals that somewhat touchy and unconventional, at whatever point you draw near to them here, they take off. You could simply set up the camera and back off far, and trigger it remotely to take the best shots.


So there’s a considerable measure of potential reasons why you should need to do this, and it positively is extremely cool to have this functionality, to have the capacity to connect to your camera through wi-fi and an application on your phone.


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