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An Hour for Earth?and Beyond

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An Hour for Earth?and Beyond


Our precious earth has been suffering from serious problems such as, global warming, climate change, landfills, deforestation, air, water and soil pollution, etc. These problems unfortunately are increasing. In 2007, the World Wide Fund (WWF) organization which was aware of these problems has initiated one of its global initiative that is Earth Hour held from 8:30 ? 9:30 at the last Saturday of March of each year.

Although, it is an hour a year event, the objective is to encourage individuals, communities and businesses to take action beyond this Hour. The timing of this event also aims to unite people around the world for a global ?light out? event where the northern and southern hemispheres, at this time of the year allow for near coincidental sunset.

This is everyone?s campaign where individuals can do their share for the environment and the generations to come. It specifically involves individuals, households, communities and businesses to turn off their non-essential lights as a symbol for their commitment to the planet. You also have the opportunity to increase your contribution and show people your impact in protecting the environment by simply joining our campaign for Earth Hour 2018 on this link. To do this, click on the link https://www.mozaicme.com/page/EH2018 to add your photo to the mozaic like the one bellow to say it loud #Count me in.

The switch of the light is always the beginning of this journey then you are asked consequently to do more for Earth.


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