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Mobile Photography: Lens Flares and Lighting Effects


Mobile Photography: Lens Flares and Lighting Effects


In this post, we’re going to discuss adding some enhancements to your mobile pictures as lens flares and lighting effects.

So there are a few applications available that enable you to add lens flares and lighting effects to your pictures, and that is what we’re going to discuss.


Lens Flares Lighting Effects


There are two applications by?the same developer,?Lens Flare and Lens Light, and there are some similarities into the highlights and options that they offer, yet they both basically do comparative things, enabling you to include these lens flares and lighting effects.


Lens Flare


Lens Flares Lighting Effects


So we’ll start with Lens Flare. Once you open it, you’ll need to tap on “New”, then go and discover a picture to utilize. Down at the base in the lower left you can get into your collections, and select the picture that you’ll be working on.

Once you’ve picked a picture that you feel would look better with an added lens flare or lighting effect, open it?then go into the “Effects” menu and you’ll have these distinctive lens flares that you can utilize. You have anamorphic lens flares of various hues, you have round ones, you have diverse components including flickers and circular segment rings, there’s edge glare, and there are even light streaks, so in the event that you need to do a relatively light leak effect, you could do that.

Also, one of these things you can do is simply kind of invest some energy playing around. Keep experiencing until you find one that looks sort of intriguing. So as you move your finger around, you can perceive how it is powerfully making the picture until it looks exactly like what you wanted. In addition, you can make it bigger or smaller, you can edge it, and you can do so much intriguing stuff.


Lens Flares Lighting Effects


You can go into the “Edit” menu and there are alternatives to change its size, you can change the splendor, the immersion, the perspective, even the shading. There are also multiple masking tools to enable you to cover it out if it’s clouding some portion of the picture, and you can even go to the “Layers” board and you can work with layers and adjust it that way. One cool thing here is that you can really kill the visibility of a layer or kill the visibility of the picture, and you can actually utilize this option every now and then.

When you’re done, you can simply tap the “Save” or the “Export” button and the picture will be saved and exported to your library


Lens Light


Lens Flares Lighting Effects


We should go and look at the companion application to Lens Flare which is Lens Light, and we’ll discuss how it works and how to use to create some extraordinary lens flares and lighting effects.

When you open Lens Light, tap on “New”, and you’ll need to go into your collection simply or go and discover the picture that you need to work with and open it in the application. So one thing to remember when you’re utilizing these is regardless of whether it bodes well for the photo that you’re shooting.

Once in a while on the off chance that you have extremely level light, it’s a foggy day and you try to include a lens flare, it just may not look absolutely exact. Usually the effects would function admirably when you’re shooting into the sun or in some scenery and it is bright there out of sight and clearly, a smidgen illuminated, so you should thoroughly consider if it’s going to work entirely well.

So you’ll need to go into the “Effects” menu. You can see that the interface is in many ways similar to Lens Flare. A portion of the distinctions is that it has a collection called bokeh and glitter, and you can see all these bokeh blurbs that you can put on your pictures, so, for example, there are a few circles and you can measure those, which looks kind of cool in a more enhancement kind of way.


Lens Flares Lighting Effects


Another thing to also check out is the sun collection, you’ll find a variety of sun effects that you can use. There’s a popular effect called Helios which adds a?very bright flare on it, and in the event that you make it bigger, you would then be able to position it at the best up in the corner and you’ll get this pleasant flare descending from the side. So you’re simply going to put this in that spot at the corner so you get a smidgen of flare coming in.

So something like that effect, that is all you have to do. It just adds a decent little punch to the picture. More often than not when you’re utilizing the Lens Flare and Lens Light lens flares and lighting effects, you’d be doing it in a picture that has some indication that it is fairly a development or a fantastical picture. You’re not attempting to pass these off as straight from the camera nature shots that you took in some?astonishing light. Many photographers get a kick out of the chance to kind of do it as it were to where the viewer sort of realizes that it is, even more, a considered and developed picture instead of a straight shot.

Once you’re done editing the picture and you’re satisfied with it, you’ll simply need to tap the “Save” button and export that out to the photos library.


Lens Flares Lighting Effects


So the cool thing about these sort of Lens Flare and Lens Light lens flares and lighting effects is that they enable you to simply take your photos a tad past the ordinary depiction and accomplish something somewhat fantastical to them. So in case you’re searching for something other than what’s expected to do with your versatile photography preparing, make sure to give them a try.


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