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Mobile Photography Focus and Exposure Techniques


Mobile Photography Focus and Exposure Techniques


A standout amongst the most critical activities with mobile photography is having the ability to control the camera’s focus and exposure. Which is the reason we will discuss techniques by which you can control the focus and exposure on your mobile camera with the aim to get the shot that you need as opposed to simply making due with the shot that your camera gives you.

This is amongst one of the most critical skills that you have to learn as far as mobile photography that will enable you to take better pictures.


Mobile Photography Focus and Exposure


When you point the camera at a subject, the meter just comes up with an essential focus and exposure. That exposure will be founded on the reflectance level of components in the scene, and how much light is being reflected back towards the camera.

In this way, the camera can be thrown off by sections that are extremely lit or extremely dim. You can be shaded under buildings or trees, and have your picture elements in front of you, and a lighter region out of sight where the sun is sparkling on the slope which might confuse your camera and throw off your exposure.


Camera App


Mobile Photography Focus and Exposure


In the default camera application that accompanies the iPhone, what you can do is simply tap on various places and it will change the focus. By tapping on different places, you can experiment and perceive how the picture can get a ton darker or considerably brighter.

The other thing you can do is that when you tap, what that does is that it also sets the exposure. In most cases, clearly, you will need to have the light in the center or on a specific element in the picture. In other cases, especially when you’re doing street photography or taking pictures in daylight, a portion of the exposure will be coming from the sky. You can tap and then drag up or down on the screen to adjust the exposure as you see fit, and what you think will be useful for the photo that you need to take.

In this way, this is an incredible way that you can control your exposure, once more, to get back home with the shot that you need, as opposed to the shot that the camera gives you.




Mobile Photography Focus and Exposure


This works distinctively on various applications. So let’s see how to do it in Camera+, which is an extremely well-known camera application for the iPhone. It also provides more functionalities than the default camera application.

Along these lines, with Camera+, when you tap on the scene, once more, it sets center and focus, yet you can utilize two fingers to isolate focus from exposure. So you can go down and it gets a considerably brighter or go up and it gets much darker. That is a great technique that you can do alter focus and exposure that way. In addition, you additionally have a dial section that you can move to compensate for exposure.


Camera FV-5


Mobile Photography Focus and Exposure


Seeing how you can control the exposure is extremely key to making the photos that you need to make, we should discuss how this may look on an Android camera application.

On Android, similar to iOS, there is a wide range of camera applications. One of the most popular camera applications is called Camera FV-5, which has a great deal of nearly DSLR-like controls, and plenty of alternatives for controlling the scene.

With Camera FV-5, you have a slider at the bottom that you can turn to adjust the exposure. And once again, it’s working similar to the slider in Camera+ on the iPhone, or in a way, similar to dragging up or down on the screen on the default camera application on the iPhone. You can likewise tap on the little Exposure Compensation icon and you can tap the buttons to increase or decrease the picture exposure that way.


Once more, the key thing is simply knowing how you can control the focus and exposure in the scene to get a decent shot.


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