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A Mozaic Toolbar Features

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A Mozaic Toolbar Features


You?ve probably experienced MozaicMe before, either posting a mozaic or adding your photo to a mozaic. However, have you ever experienced its features?

A Mozaic is generally considered a big picture for your memories or actions. Therefore, we offer you many features to make this mozaic even more discoverable.

Like other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, MozaicMe allows its users to like, comment and share the mozaic along with its distinctive feature ?Add a photo?. In addition, we are introducing three new features, such as download, invite and slideshow which you can use from the mozaic?s toolbar.

When you find a mozaic you like, you can ?like? it or ?share? it to revisit it later. However, there is one more way to make this process easier ? which means you can download mozaic pictures to your computer directly from MozaicMe so you can recall it any time. Maybe there is a mozaic that you absolutely love and would like to have it as a desktop wallpaper or maybe you want to save lovely congrats and wishes from beloved friends and family members on special occasions. Now, you can do it by tapping on the ?Download? icon underneath the mozaic you want to download and enjoy your small moments in a big picture with yourself or others.

Another feature is ?Invite? which gives you the option to invite people to like your mozaic and help you grow your audiences.? You can tap on the button bellow the mozaic to invite your friends to share the mozaic using either their accounts or their emails. However, this feature is only available for verified accounts to avoid spams.

MozaicMe is basically based on adding multiple of photos in one mozaic and view them at once. However, the ?Slideshow? feature allows you to view these photos one by one in their full size which are being added to a one single mozaic. These photos could be your graduation photos, they could be your campaign supporters, or even a place you have recently visited – the options are endless.

Using these features is just the beginning of how we are giving you the tools to help you manage and spread your mozaics.


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