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Here’s Why You Need the MozaicMe Mobile App Now


Here’s Why You Need the MozaicMe Mobile App Now


Ever since MozaicMe?launched, our goal has always been to?bring to you a fun, engaging, out-of-the-box social media platform. The traditional social media website have become so?conventional and boring and that’s why with MozaicMe, we’ve decided to?provide a unique, next-generation social media website. And now you can experience all of this on your mobile phone with the MozaicMe?mobile app!

The MozaicMe?mobile app brings you all of your favorite MozaicMe?features to your phone in a new elegant lightweight mobile app that will surely change your social media game and become an essential part of your?life. The MozaicMe mobile app was designed to help make the entire process easier and more accessible to you, and we wouldn’t be exaggerating if we said that there are countless reasons why you should download the MozaicMe mobile app right now.

So without further ado, here are the top reasons why you need to download the MozaicMe mobile app right now.


MozaicMe Mobile App


The MozaicMe?mobile app allows you to transform your pictures into a multi-dimensional experience. You can take a picture and create a mozaic out of it by adding multiple pictures on top of it to create that picture. It introduces a new way to share your memories and experiences with friends and family.

You can also have your loved?ones contribute to your mozaics by adding their pictures to them and vice versa, thus allowing you to gather all of your memories in one single place while creating a collaborative environment, shared experience and bringing everyone together!

You can create mozaics?with anywhere from 8 pictures to 1,250 pictures, giving you the creative space to customize them however you want.



MozaicMe Mobile App


You can follow your friends, families, favorite pages, and public figures on the MozaicMe?mobile app. There are many pages and communities under many categories to suit everyone’s taste, including:

  • Occasions: Create mozaics?for different special occasions. From birthday to graduations, holidays, and more. This is where you can find pages for the general events.
  • I am Proud: Show?your?patriotism and your vigorous support to your country by liking your country’s page and adding your pictures to the mozaics featured in them.
  • My Team:?Root for your favorite sports teams and stay up-to-date with all of their latest news and pictures.
  • My Players:?Show love to your favorite football players and sports legends of all time and get to meet other fans who share the same obsessions as you do.
  • Campaigns: Join or create a campaign with a purpose or supporting a cause, and rally among other people who believe in the same ideas like you.
  • Islamiat:?Pages that feature different aspects of Islam.



MozaicMe Mobile App


Mozaics are created to be shared with others. Which is why we’ve made the process even simpler using the MozaicMe?mobile app, where you can download the created mozaics straight to your phone, share them on other social media platforms or even choose to set one as your phone wallpaper, all with just a few simple clicks.



MozaicMe Mobile App


Stay connected with the latest from your friends, family and liked pages through your news feed which is customized to bring you all of the recent news, event, and interactions that you want to see.



MozaicMe Mobile App


Now the MozaicMe mobile app will keep you up-to-date with what’s happening in the world and all around you, allowing you to check out the worldwide trends and things that are gaining buzz in one single place.



MozaicMe Mobile App


The best part about the MozaicMe mobile app is that signing up is as easy as 1, 2, 3. It allows you to create an account in a matter of seconds by entering your email and choosing a username and a password or by easily signing up using a pre-exisiting social media account on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Once that’s done, you can enjoy exploring?MozaicMe?and experience a new world of photo-sharing like never before!



Download the?MozaicMe Mobile App. Now available on Google Play!


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