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The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Mozaic on MozaicMe


The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Mozaic on MozaicMe


MozaicMe?is a unique, next-generation social media website that transforms photos and art into a multi-dimensional experience. It allows you to convey a unique story of your life through imagery and pictures. With its innovative, elegantly designed layout, you can create and share memorable mozaics of the most cherished moments, making it easier to share them and interact with your loved ones anytime.

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll take you through the journey of creating a mozaic?on MozaicMe from beginning to end, showcasing all of the different features and options that the platform has to offer.


MozaicMe: Mozaic Creation Guide


Add New Mozaic




You can add a new mozaic?simply by clicking on the “Add New Mozaic” button that you can find on your homepage on in any of the pages you created or manage.

Once you click on the button, a popup window will appear with the options that allow you to add a new mozaic.


Mozaic Photo Background




The first step of creating a mozaic?and the base of any mozaic?is adding the mozaic photo background that the mozaic will be built on. You have two options when choosing your mozaic photo background.

  • From Device: Upload a photo from your desktop that will be used as the mozaic photo background.
  • From Template: Choose a photo as the mozaic photo background from a vast collection of pre-existing photos.


Background Templates




MozaicMe allows you to choose a photo as the mozaic photo background from a vast collection of pre-existing photos. These photos are split into multiple categories to choose from including:

  • Flowers
  • Friendship
  • Graduation
  • Anniversary
  • Birthday
  • Love
  • Wedding
  • Marine Life

Once you’ve chosen a mozaic photo background, you can move on to the mozaic?options.


Publish On



“Publish on” allows you to select where you want the mozaic?to be published by choosing either to have it published on your timeline on one of the pages you’ve created or that you currently manage.






The privacy settings allow you to set two things to assure your mozaic’s?privacy.

Who can see this?

  • Public: Everyone would be able to view the mozaic.
  • Friends: Only your friends would be able to view the mozaic.
  • Only Me: Only you would be able to view the moziac.

Who can add a picture?

  • Public: Anyone can add pictures to the mozaic.
  • Friends: Only your friends would be able to add pictures?to the mozaic.
  • Only Me: Only you would be able to add pictures to the moziac.






MozaicMe gives you the option to add a filter to your mozaic by choosing between multiple filters including:

  • None
  • Fade
  • Vintage
  • Greyscale
  • Luxen
  • Subtle
  • Olive
  • Beach
  • Oldtimey

You can also add text to the mozaic?by adding it in the “Title Text” field, choose its color from the “Text color” option, as well as its position changing the values of the “Offset from left” and “Offset from top”.






Description allows you to add a brief description or caption to your mozaic explaining to other people what the mozaic is about.


Photo’s Options




“Photo’s options” allows you to choose the number of pictures that you want to be added on the mozaic, the number of pictures allowed on mozaics are:

  • 2 Pictures = 2 Columns * 1 Row
  • 8 Pictures = 4 Columns * 2 Rows
  • 18 Pictures = 6 Columns * 3 Rows
  • 32 Pictures = 8 Columns * 4 Rows
  • 50 Pictures = 10 Columns * 5 Rows
  • 72 Pictures = 12 Columns * 6 Rows
  • 98 Pictures = 14 Columns * 7 Rows
  • 128 Pictures = 16 Columns * 8 Rows
  • 162 Pictures = 18 Columns * 9 Rows
  • 200 Pictures = 20 Columns * 10 Rows
  • 242 Pictures = 22 Columns * 11 Rows
  • 288 Pictures = 24 Columns * 12 Rows
  • 338 Pictures = 26 Columns * 13 Rows
  • 392 Pictures = 28 Columns * 14 Rows
  • 450 Pictures = 30 Columns * 15 Rows
  • 512 Pictures = 32 Columns * 16 Rows
  • 578 Pictures = 34 Columns * 17 Rows
  • 648 Pictures = 36 Columns * 18 Rows
  • 722 Pictures = 38 Columns * 19 Rows
  • 800 Pictures = 40 Columns * 20 Rows
  • 882 Pictures = 42 Columns * 21 Rows
  • 968 Pictures = 44 Columns * 22 Rows
  • 1058 Pictures = 46 Columns * 23 Rows
  • 1152 Pictures = 48 Columns * 24 Rows
  • 1250 Pictures = 50 Columns * 25 Rows

It also allows you to select the number of pictures a user can add by selecting any number of 1 or above or by selecting 0 if you want users to be able to add as many pictures as they want.


Cover Photo and Sharing




You can select the “Set as cover photo” option to set the mozaic you’re creating as your profile’s or your page’s cover photo, or unselect the option if you don’t wish to do so.

You can also post your mozaic on Facebook by selecting the “Post on Facebook” option for more exposure and to invite your family and friends to come and collaborate with you on the mozaic.






When you’re done selecting the options, you can go ahead and create the mozaic by clicking on “Post”. Once you’ve done so, the mozaic will be published and you’ll be able to start adding different pictures to it as well as invite other people to add their pictures to it as well.

In the next guide, we’ll be discussing the process of customizing your mozaic by adding, editing and removing different pictures on it.


Create your own mozaics and share your pictures now on?MozaicMe,?the visual social media platform combining the best of Instagram and Facebook with the crowdfunding capabilities of GoFundMe!


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